Why innovation matters in the Restaurant Business

hospitality consulting in Dubai

The hospitality segment continues to remain highly competitive in Dubai. Regardless of whether you want to invest in a quick service, fast casual, casual dining or fine dining concept, there is one common feature that is integral across all such concepts – innovation.

Innovation or the inherent ability to be remarkable in more ways than one is today, a pre-requisite for the success of any hospitality business in Dubai. We live in an era where customer feedback is instantaneous and restaurant reviews, which are readily available on several online platforms, play a critical role in customers’ decision making process when dining out.

So, what exactly does ‘being remarkable’ mean? Simply put, your restaurant should be worth making a remark about. In other words, a visit to your restaurant should impress a customer enough to compel him/her to write a review or share pictures or videos, on credible and widely recognized online forums.

There are thousands of new restaurants that open in Dubai every year, but only the ones with the most innovative concepts strike a recurring chord with their customers. The key here is to inspire your customers, give them a memorable experience and convince them into becoming online (and offline) brand ambassadors for your business.

Of course, this is easier said than done. The nature of Dubai’s economy is one that attracts customers from all walks of life, many of whom are well educated and well-travelled, having dined at some of the finest restaurants internationally – so it will not be easy to impress them. While an innovative concept is critical, excellent service is also equally important in the restaurant business. Even the finest restaurants with a well designed space and good food may struggle to create a loyal customer base if the service falls short and hampers the overall dining experience.

Recruiting the services of experienced hospitality consulting services providers in Dubai, is one way of ensuring that your business stays ahead on the innovation and service platform. Ribbon Consulting, a leading name in hospitality consulting in Dubai, UAE, is known for customized hospitality solutions and has all the expertise to turn your dream of running a successful restaurant, into a reality.

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