How Creative Menu Card Designs Can Impact Your Restaurant Business

Menu Design Dubai

A restaurant’s menu card gives the diner a clear idea of what kind of cuisine the restaurant offers. It also captures the ambience that the restaurant wants to create for their guests. With the highly competitive scene in the restaurant business in Dubai, having a creatively designed menu card is a must to give your restaurant that “extra edge” over everyone else.

If you haven’t yet incorporated a creative menu card in the business plan for your restaurant, here’s why you should:

1) Creates an appeal: The menu card is one of the first touch points for diners when they visit the restaurant. Apart from the overall look of the restaurant, it is the menu card and the menu offering that carries forward the appeal of the restaurant.

2) Is it affordable?: The first question that comes to the mind of diners in the restaurant is the affordability of their food. The answer can be found in the menu card. Some restaurants smartly list out their most expensive dishes on the top of the menu, while displaying the least expensive ones in the same page. This way the diners aren’t put off by the pricing and can easily order the dish of their choice.

3) Sets your restaurant apart: Be it casual or fine dining, a family friendly eatery or a popular youth hangout, each of these restaurants have their own style of menu design. Think about your restaurant and how you want diners to perceive their food and experience from the menu design.

4) Creates brand recall value: It’s not just the unique design that sets restaurant menu cards apart. It is also the unique names that restaurants give to their signature dishes. This simple trick can result in diners leaving with a memory hook, allowing them to recall your restaurant and the particular dish they ordered quite easily.

5) Tells your restaurant’s story: Most diners are also interested in knowing more about the restaurant while selecting their food. One of the best ways to tell them is through the menu. While some restaurants tell their story by writing about themselves in the first page of the menu. Others prefer to build it up, page by page.

Every little change in the design of your restaurant menu helps in creating a positive impact for your restaurant. The above pointers are useful if you want your restaurant to be one of the best in Dubai. In case you’re looking for more such insights on designing the menu card, do reach out to us!

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