Jan 2018

Importance of Interior Design in Restaurants

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One of the defining features of restaurants is their interiors. While setting up a restaurant, most restaurateurs prioritize business-process verticals about what is most important and what is less important to manage the expenditures and the cost of the setup.

This decision almost always affects the interior design vertical, based on the assumption that interior design will make the project expensive. While in fact, just the opposite is true – having an experienced interior designer create your restaurant space can save you costs in the long run, as well as increase your revenue by drawing in more customers.

Let’s take a closer look at the factors of interior design that will help you achieve this, and understand why your restaurant is not just a food experience

… It is a story so spread the news:

Qualified designers are able to translate your brand and food into a larger experience; one which tells the story of your restaurant. Storytelling is a powerful ancient art-form, so why not leverage it through interior design and create an experience that your customers would talk about and return to relive. Turn it into a space that is Instagram and Facebook-worthy, thus using technology to tell your story and spread the word about your restaurant.

… It is a visual experience to grab your customer’s attention:

From the simplest snack to the most sophisticated meal, eating is an experience involving several senses, of which the visual sense is the most  powerful. This is one of the reasons why food presentation has always been extremely critical. You can capitalize on this by designing a space with a visual experience that grabs your customers’ attention, even before they see, touch or taste their food.

… It is an operational space that has to be managed:

Through interior design, operational challenges can be managed with a proper space plan. Interior designers know the standards of space planning, and thus are able to create a floor plan with the right flow which will result in a comfortable experience for the customer and an efficient one for the workforce. If a restaurant space is not planned properly, and hence not functioning properly, it will cause the customers to be uncomfortable, and will create stress among the staff. In the end, this could cause both to leave.

… It is a place that should not require refurbishment for at least 3 years:

There is nothing worse than a restaurant starting to look shabby after a few months of operations because of incorrect decisions made with the choice of materials and furniture. Interior designers are knowledgeable in material specifications, industry trends and standards and authority regulations. An interior designer can help you cut costs by deciding on the best specifications, right from the get go. They may seem to be a bit more expensive than the regular options, but will save a lot of money in the long-run as replacement of furniture and maintenance of materials have an extended lifespan. Thus, the profits are available for re-investment instead of fixing the space often.

As a serious business owner, you should be focusing on the triple bottom line: Profit (food & operations), Environment (restaurant space) and all Stakeholders (customers, employees and shareholders). As you can see, interior design impacts all three of these factors. So why exclude it or reduce its importance, when it clearly plays a major role in the success of your restaurant.

For more such insightful information regarding interior design for your restaurants, you can speak to us at Ribbon Consulting. We’ll help you get started with our specialized interior designing services. You can write to us at info@ribbon-me.com or give us a call on (971) 4360 5758, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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