Oct 2018

Mumbai - The Next Big Destination For Middle-Eastern Cuisine

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Beyond geographical boundaries, what unites UAE and India is the love for food. Over the past decade, the Indian food services sector has expanded to match the ever-growing palate of customers. One of the contributing factors is the changing pattern of the eating habits of Indians, which, in the earlier decades, wasn’t as prominent as it is today. However, with changing consumer patterns, there has been a growing demand for authentic international cuisine in India.

The food services sector is a  major contributor to the Indian economy. The Indian Food Services market (both organized and unorganized), which was evaluated at INR 3,37,500 crore in 2017, has been predicted to record an annual growth rate of 10% in the coming 5 years to reach INR 5,52,000 crore by the year 2022. (Source: FICCI Report 2017)

Mumbai alone contributes to 11% of the overall food services market in India. This has encouraged restaurateurs to launch their franchises in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, introducing local foodies to authentic cuisines from around the world. Like Dubai, Mumbai too shares a similar palate when it comes to food.

From shawarmas to falafels to grills, Middle Eastern cuisine caters to a wide audience in this city. Blends of varied spices such as Za’atar are sought out by those looking to savor their Middle Eastern palate. Apart from the food, many customers love to experience the ambience of dining in a Middle-Eastern restaurant.

*So, Why Mumbai?

Being a commercial hub where people from all walks of life converge, Mumbai is the perfect fit for Middle Eastern cuisine. A large part of the population is young with a growing disposable income. For them, dining out is seen as less of a luxury and more of a casual, social outing. Most of them have traveled to Dubai and other parts of the Middle East, and are well-versed with the varied and authentic flavors and dishes that they have experienced there.

This presents a great opportunity for restaurateurs based in Dubai, looking to enter the hospitality sector in Mumbai. With a higher growth potential and a customer base willing to try something new, the timing couldn’t be any better!

*The search for authentic Middle-Eastern cuisine

While there are a handful of restaurants in Mumbai serving Middle-Eastern food, few can match the authenticity of the cuisine. As a restaurateur based in Dubai, this presents a great opportunity to bring authentic Middle-Eastern cuisine to the citizens of Mumbai.

Furthermore, you can introduce the authentic feel, by recreating the decor and ambience, as well as training the staff on Middle-Eastern mannerisms and hospitality standards. The end goal being, to provide your diners with an experience to remember!

*Touching base in Mumbai

Like Dubai, choosing the right location for your restaurant in Mumbai is equally important. Other factors like competition, dining habits, consumer preferences, etc. do come into play. Before you plan to set up shop in Mumbai however, it is important to learn, understand and research the market. This blog is one of the first steps to help you get started.

For a restaurateur specializing in Middle-Eastern cuisine, Mumbai is the perfect place to set up a restaurant and increase the scope of your business. Given the right kind of exposure, customers are bound to be driven to your restaurant to relish the taste of authentic Middle-Eastern cuisine.

To achieve this, you can also rely on the expertise of a restaurant consultant in Mumbai. Ribbon Consulting offers services across the Middle East as well as in Mumbai, to give you a broader viewpoint and guidance. Reach out to Ribbon’s Mumbai branch at (+91) 98200 07841. Our restaurant consulting services can be tailored as per your requirements, including concept and menu development, project execution, daily operations management, business development, franchising and expansion advisory services, restaurant marketing solutions, and much more.

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