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Bespoke Hospitality Solutions

We are a Dubai-based restaurant consulting and management company offering turnkey hospitality services to our clients. We help launch new F&B ventures, as well as provide advisory and audit services for existing establishments looking for an overhaul or simply focused on expansion. Our tailored services range from Business Planning and Feasibility to Concept and Menu Development to Project Execution. Our on-going Management & Audit Services focus on Operational Efficiency, Increased Profitability, and Business & Brand Development . Our team has over 15 years of hands-on global experience in delivering a comprehensive range of services to corporate and individual clients across the Middle East.

Restaurant Consulting Services Dubai

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Hospitality Consulting

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With passion, anything is possible.

Who We Are

We, the Ribboneers, are explorers - diverse and talented, Meticulous and enthusiastic, and genuinely committed to continually expanding our perspective and yours! We don't have any secret ingredients - just a strong belief in our mantra.

'Passion and Possibility'.

  • Love Mansukhani
  • Love Mansukhani

    Founder and Managing Director

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Our Team

  • Johannes Pretorius

    Operations Manager

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  • Sharon Mae Pereira

    Project Manager

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  • Judaica Batiancila

    Business Associate

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